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JB Exotic only selects the
 finest of the artisan craftsman's
  workmanship to bring to you.
We hope you enjoy our selections.

I ordered a turtle and was amazed after opening the box. The craftsmanship of this item is beyond description. It is also very heavy. I can't wait to order more. Wow! Oh, did I mention the shipping was lightning fast? Keep up the great work!
- M. Harhay

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**** We are currently SOLD OUT of all our Marble Domino Sets.  We have a small number of the carved Ironwood sets still available.   We are sorry for this inconvenience but they are not getting the quality marble from the mines at this time.****

Unique hand cut marble domino sets each in their
own matching marble box.

 Click on MORE INFORMATION to get the details of the item.

Price: $122.00

Price: $137.00
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